Solar bow in South Germany

In South Germany is installed almost half of the country´s photovoltaic capacity. Over 760.000 prosumers from Bavaria (11 GWp), Baden-Wuerttemberg (5 GWp), and Hesse (2 GWp) cooperate with the energy providers. What does that mean? Every private household and commercial enterprise with a photovoltaic system transfers energy into the electricity grid and becomes thereby a participant of the energy transition.

An excellent showcase for smart grids

Because of the intensive generation of solar energy in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg and of wind energy in Hesse South Germany offers the best prerequisites for an impressive showcase “smart energy”. South Germany has a multi-layered grid structure with over 400 distribution grid companies. Furthermore, it is characterized by a combination of industrialized urban centres, sparsely populated rural areas and a strong equipment industry. The region is inhabited by people, mayors and investor who show a high affinity for the energy transition. Finally it is located in a central position within the European grid network.

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