Infrastructure information system (IIS)

In C/sells, the diverse energy infrastructure within a group of cells should be optimized using an intensive exchange of information. In sub-project SP3, an Infrastructure Information System (IIS) will be developed, as a platform for accessing data and controlling flexibilities in real-time via smart meter gateways. It will serve as an intelligent database and data hub and will play a central mediating role between the individual cells and the energy market players within the overall C/sells system. The goal is to use information and communication structures to make cell information as well as extrapolation, forecasting and balancing data available at a functional and business level for network or market-relevant use. Special emphasis will be placed upon the BSI compliant configuration of the ICT infrastructure (smart meters, GWA, CLS-Management, etc.) as well as the development of a comprehensive security architecture. Thus, the IIS will provide the basis for the planned development and the deployment of new services in C/sells, as well as providing support for network operations.

The aim of the sub-project is to design an Infrastructure Information System with all of its components, functionalities and interfaces, taking into particular consideration, the requirements which arise from the cellular character of C/sells. The first prototypes of the IIS platform will be implemented and evaluated in sub-project SP3, in preparation for practical deployment of the developed IIS within the pilots and demonstrations of sub-project SP6/7.

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