Here you can find the description of C/sell’s development process and all other milestones reached so far. Keep track of C/sell´s way into the future of the energy transition.


Official Project Start


Handover of the official approval of the subsidies to representatives of the SINTEG projects. Dr. Albrecht Reuter received the document in the name of C/sells.

Press release from the Federal Ministry of economics and energy


Submittance of the project application to the Project Management Agency Jülich


By increasing from 34 members in 2014 to now 64 the number of C/sells partners has almost doubled. Together they work on the goal of advancing the model region of South Germany.


To advance the project C/sells already 34 partners teamed up.


In the pursuit of realising the project C/sells “Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg” was established in 2013 as a project coordinator. Meanwhile the association SmartGridsBW has developed to be the first point of contact in Baden-Wuerttemberg concerning interdisciplinary interchange between industry, the energy sector and science.

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