Guiding principle

Three features of future energy grids form C/sells´s guiding principle: cellularity, participation and diversity. As fundamental principles, they constitute the guide rails for the different activities and single segments by means of which C/sells makes the energy transition possible.



Cells constitute the basic units inside C/sells. A cell can be geographically defined like a city or a district for example as well as just a single object like an airport or an estate. 

One cell assumes a wide variety of tasks and functions. The cell can involve both energy production and consumption as well as provide flexibility for the grid operation. This allows a regionalised trade.



C/sells wants to start a broad movement among the society. Hitherto energy supply was organised centrally and controlled by just a few actors.

C/sells wants to implement the energy transition with the active participation of all members of the public. To achieve this goal C/sells will establish demonstration projects as well as so called participation cells in which citizens will be offered incentives to participate actively.



The C/sells movement consists of many individual cells which differ both in content-related and organizational manner.

This diversity of solutions regarding their technical, economical or organizational structure enables C/sells to meet the needs of all actors involved. There is no general all-encompassing solution. It´s rather the bulk of individual solutions that constitute a big functioning whole.

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